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MINDBODY is the cloud based software that Discover Yoga uses as its Point of Sale, Scheduling and Asset management tool.  It also provides a complete interface for our students to manage their class registration, make payments or schedule an appointment from their desktop or smart device.

MINDBODY uses the latest encryption technology to keep all transaction and stored data safe and secure. 

Discover Yoga has been using MINDBODY software since our inception in 1995.  During that time it was an off-line desktop application that kept all transactions and student information in one local database.  They have been a trusted partner for 20 years; we can't say without a glitch, but never with data loss or a security breach.

Now MINDBODY services thousands of small businesses in the service industry, from yoga to fitness to salons.

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How we use MINDBODY

The new Discover Yoga web site is able to integrate MINDBODY functionality directly into its pages for most functions.  This includes signing up for a class, a workshop or making an appointment for a private guided practice

For logging in and for managing your Discover Yoga schedule, payments and passes, we link you directly into MINDBODY and your account for Discover Yoga.

How you can use MINDBODY

You can feel confident when logging in and using MINDBODY directly through the Discover Yoga site. 

MINDBODY also has apps that you can download onto your smart mobile devices so you can access your account directly.

Find it in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.
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