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Tupler Technique

This class is taught by:
Helping Moms heal, one belly at a time!
Laura Wagner, LMP, has been coaching and helping Moms (and a few Dads along the way!) reduce or eliminate their side effects of diastasis recti - “Mummy Tummy”, low back pain, weak core, pelvic floor issues (it’s not normal to pee when you sneeze!), and more - with the Tupler Technique®. Laura discovered Julie Tupler and her technique 7 years ago when her two children were toddlers. Amazed by what the technique is able to do, Laura underwent Julie’s training, including spending time with Julie learning one on one in New York City, and became licensed by Julie Tupler. Laura is the only trained professional for the Tupler Technique® in Washington State. Besides working one-on-one with clients, Laura also conducts workshops and informational talks to client groups as well as educating other health/wellness and fitness professional about diastasis recti.
During the 3 hour “EveryBelly®” workshop you will learn all 4 steps of the Tupler Technique®
-The Exercises
-Getting Up and Down Correctly
-Knowing When and How to Engage Your Transverse on Activities of Daily Living
The cost of the workshop will include the Tupler Technique® Guidebook that will remind you of the key points of each step, will also give you the progression of the program and a way to track your efforts.
Each attendee will also learn how to correctly check for a diastasis and you will leave knowing the condition of your diastasis. For expecting Moms, we will discuss how the Tupler Technique® can be incorporated into your pushing at delivery time.

The Tupler Technique® Splint and Connective Corrective Cream will be available for additional purchase.