yoga for every body

Tamsin Hayes

Tamsin has been practising yoga on and off since she was a child. When moving from the UK to America in 2014 yoga proved to be a key part in settling in. The resources of Asana, meditation and pranayama have been foundational to her health throughout her life. She found her yoga practice of key importance in recovery from depression and anxiety and in building a container for her massage and shiatsu work .

Being able to rest-really rest, is a challenge for many Westerners. In her classes Tamsin is offering the fruits of her own experience in finding peace of mind...a gradual and imperfect process yet immeasurably beneficial.

Tamsin has two grown-up daughters and still has a strong role as mother. She loves quilting,knitting, learningTango with her husband and walking with her dog Molly.
She cannot believe how blessed she is to have found Discover Yoga and have had the opportunity to study for the certificate in teaching yoga. She found so much joy in teaching her Community classes whilst training that she can't wait to share.

Tamsin Hayes is currently not instructing any classes.