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Discover Yoga

Discover Yoga was established in 1997 in the Stonehouse bookstore in Redmond.

Since its inception, the teachers and staff have been committed to serving our students through instruction of yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques as well as the history and philosophy of Yoga. In the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya, (father and teacher of TKV Desikachar) our instructors have learned to adapt each class to the needs of the students. This style of yoga is called Viniyoga. This provides opportunity to begin at any level and deepen your practice with each class you attend.

Mission Statement

To support health and wellness we offer instruction on the eight limbs of yoga, and the chakras in their life journey.

To deepen self-awareness our caring instructors focus on the individual first. From this knowledge, our compassionate instructors create a yoga practice to best serve the needs of the group through asana, pranayama, and meditation.

To build community we offer classes, workshops, series, trainings, retreats and free events to share yoga. Yoga is practiced in a circle to facilitate eye contact and connection to others.

We Reach out to:

  • Adults that want to deepen their connection to their own inner peace and well-being - Read About
    - Adults in life-transition
    - Adults with physical limitations
    - Adults that want to relieve tension in the body and mind
  • New Parents - Read About
    - Pre-Natal
    - Post-Natal
  • Kids - Read About

Discover your body, breath and mind for deeper inner peace. Sutra 1.18 “virama pratyaya bhyasa purvah samskara seso ‘nyah”

When the mind rises to the state of Yoga and remains so,The usual mental disturbances are absent. However, memories of the past continue. Then perception is immediate, not gradual. The memories remain to help us live in the day-to-day world, but not to create distractions.  

~Heart of yoga, by TKV Desikachar

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