yoga for every body

Pre-Class Information


What You Need to Know:

Bring your Yoga mat, if you have one. We also have mats available to use during classes if need.

Arrive for class 10 minutes early to allow time to park, sign in and setup for class. 

Sign in at the front desk. 

Please turn off or silence all cell phones. Buzzing cell phones are distracting.

Leave shoes in the front cubbies and everything else in the hallway cubbies. Bring your yoga mat, and props into the studio. 

You are welcome to bring a water bottle with a lid to class. 

Inform your instructor about any pre-existing physical condition, sports injuries or health concerns that might be relevant to your yoga practice. Your instructor may make recommendations to you before or during practice. 

The instructor sits in front of the tree mural and the students sit in a circle not rows.

We ask that you are respectful to fellow students of our breathing community and not wear perfume or cologne.

You may arrive late, however be respectful and set up quietly. The door may be locked 15 minutes after class starts to eliminate walk-through traffic in the welcome area during class.

Practice yoga on and off the mat. Replace all props on the prop shelves neatly with the handles or fold of the blanket outward to make it easy for the next student to remove. 

This is our yoga community! Enjoy each other, smile, laugh, love, and discover yoga together.

I bow to the divine in you. Namaste.
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