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What is Viniyoga?


Viniyoga is a methodology of teaching that respects the student's capabilities, needs and aspirations. The student is always changing-physically, mentally and emotionally, and therefore, the practice must be adapted in order to continuously increase the student's therapeutic benefits. Here are some important features of this practice.

Integrity of the spine. There are hundreds of asanas (postures) in yoga. In viniyoga we use the classic asana as a model and adapt it to attain a specific function, keeping in mind the integrity of the spine. We work dynamically in the asana, exploring the range of movement for the greatest opportunity to stretch and strengthen. This dynamic preparation helps us to enjoy the deeper benefits of the static asana. The importance of breath. As we practice, every movement is integrated with the breath. On the inhalation, we enjoy energy, motivation and inspiration. On the exhalation, we experience calmness, relaxation and stability. When our movement flows with the complete breath, we feel balanced, present and alive.

Sequencing the asanas. When the letters of the alphabet are placed in a particular order they form words, sentences and stories. Similarly, when the postures are put together in certain ways they become more effective, efficient and elegant. A well-sequenced practice is a treasure in the yoga world.

Experience. Viniyoga is suitable for beginning and advanced students. People with common aches and pains, injuries, chronic conditions, pregnant women, athletes and performers, old or young can enjoy the viniyoga experience.

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