Kid Yoga is a program that teaches yogic principles to children in a fun and engaging way! Kid Yoga’s purpose is to help children see the connection they share with each other, with the planet, and with the universe as a whole. We accomplish this by teaching the value of exercise and good nutrition, the power of creative visualization, and the importance of aligning body, mind, and spirit. Yoga promotes emotional growth and physical well-being too! We believe that gaining an understanding of yogic philosophy early in life can help a child grow to be a happy and healthy adult!

KristenKristen began practicing yoga back in Boston in 1999. When she moved to L.A. yoga became an important part of her new life on the west coast. After the birth of her twin boys she realizes she wanted to go deeper with her practice and share the benefits with others. She became a certified teacher in 2013 and continues to learn through trainings and her students.

Kristen has spent the better part of 20 years working with kids in classrooms, camps and other settings.

Trained in the Viniyoga tradition, Kristen admires Gary Kraftsow. Recent influences have been Donna Farhi and Shari Friedrichsen. She is fond of the many instructors who have also influenced her personal practice and brought her to explore teaching yoga herself.

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